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The Multi-Year Appeal

Multi-Year Appeal 2020-2022

The Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA) continues to be funded primarily through the United Nations regular programme budget which has come under increasing strain in recent years.

The Multi-Year Appeal (MYA) is DPPA's primary extra-budgetary instrument to fund its work to strengthen peace and security worldwide. It allows the Department to be more field-oriented and operational. The MYA is flexible (70 per cent unearmarked), fast (can be deployed within 72 hours) and global (funds political work worldwide). In the peace and security pillar, the MYA has demonstrated its comparative advantage by nimbly complementing other funding instruments such as the Peacebuilding Fund and the UNDP-DPPA Joint Programme on Conflict Prevention.

The Multi-Year Appeal Update, "Giving Peace a Chance". DPPA is pleased to release its new Update to the Multi-Year Appeal, calling for US$40 million for 2021, as a direct response to the critical and growing needs we face.


Reporting Under the MYA

Every year in the spring, the Department issues a results-focused Annual Report to ensure accountability and enhance transparency. The Annual Report includes both financial and substantive reporting on the use of MYA contributions and its main results.

Three times a year, DPPA issues a Quarterly Progress Update to provide an overview of activities implemented and to monitor progress against results achieved thanks to MYA funding.

The MYA is instrumental in translating the priorities set out in our Strategic Plan for 2020-2022 into action. The new MYA seeks $120 million for three years.


2022 Contributions and Hard Pledges


Flexibility of Funding

Unearmarked funding allows DPPA to invest when and where it is most needed. On average, approximately two-thirds of the funds received are unearmarked.


Monitoring and Evaluation of Funding

The foundation for transparency, accountability and demonstrating results is a robust monitoring and evaluation system. DPPA continues to make use of the UN secretariat-wide Enterprise Risk Management approach in project planning, implementation and to monitor risks, finances and results. Based on risk-markers, targeted re-programming of unspent allocations is conducted every quarter.

In 2020, DPPA will undertake rapid assessment of selected MYA projects to assess their effectiveness in delivering the expected results.

A new gender marker has been introduced to ensure a more consistent integration of Gender, Women, Peace and Security considerations in all stages of project management (design, implementation, reporting and evaluation). In the 2020-2022 period, the Department is committed to devoting at least 17 per cent of the annual MYA budget towards programmes that recognize and help advance the crucial role of women in conflict prevention and sustaining peace.

More information on DPPA's approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation.


Risk Management

Developing a risk register helps minimize the exposure and impact to risks. Using the UN Secretariat-wide risk register, all MYA projects conduct a mandatory assessment to identify risk areas and mitigation measures. The 2020 MYA risk register includes identification of risks, DPPA’s risk response and risk owners with respect to, among other things, the current Covid-19 pandemic and the Goals of the DPPA Strategic Plan.