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United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Established: 16 October 2019
Flag of Haiti. UN Photo

The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) started its work on 16 October 2019. BINUH is mandated to advise the Government of Haiti in the promotion and strengthening of political stability and good governance, including the rule of law. The Mission works to preserve and advance a peaceful and stable environment, including through supporting an inclusive inter-Haitian national dialogue, and protect and promote human rights. Through Security Council resolutions 2645 (2022) and 2692 (2023), BINUH is also mandated to address sexual and gender-based violence through women’s protection advisers, and child protection as a cross-cutting issue throughout its mandate by assisting authorities in the protection of children.


Overall, the Mission’s efforts are in support of the Haitian long term development objectives integrated with those of the 19 entities of the United Nations Country Team, which deliver humanitarian assistance and implement development programmes under the leadership of national authorities.


The Security Council established BINUH, which operates under chapter VI of the United Nations Charter, through resolution 2476 of 25 June 2019.


Special Representative: María Isabel Salvador


National staff: 71

International staff: 106

Individual Police Officers: 48

Government Provided Personnel: 3

UN Volunteers: 4

Total: 232