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Press Communiqué of the Co-Chairs of the Geneva International Discussions

20 Jun 2018 - 15:49

The 44th round of the Geneva International Discussions has just concluded.

In Working Group I, the participants reviewed the security situation on the ground, which they assessed as relatively calm and stable. The need to conduct a proper investigation into the tragic death of Archil Tatunashvili in February 2018 was reiterated, with the Co-Chairs emphasising the need to avoid any perception of impunity. The participants were encouraged to continue exchanging information on this and other cases, such as the killing of Giga Otkhozoria in May 2016, in the framework of the relevant Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms. 

Given the divergent positions expressed by the participants on a draft joint statement on non-use of force, the Co-Chairs proposed to continue working further on that matter. 

In Working Group II, the participants discussed issues relating to missing persons, freedom of movement, healthcare, documentation, education, livelihoods and environmental concerns. It was again not possible to complete discussion of all agenda items given long-standing divergent approaches to the issue of IDPs/refugees. 

In light of the exchanges among the participants during the session, the Co-Chairs and co-moderators reiterated their call for a constructive and result-oriented approach by all participants on all agenda items. The Co-Chairs informed the participants about their ongoing efforts aimed at making the Geneva format more effective and productive. They appreciated the views expressed by the participants in this regard.

The participants reiterated their commitment to this format as a unique dialogue platform and agreed to hold the next round on 9-10 October 2018.