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Virtual Exhibit: The Work of Peace

The Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs’ (DPPA) mini-website/virtual exhibit ‘The Work of Peace’, highlights the work of the UN in preventive diplomacy, good offices, mediation and elections over the last 75 years, and looks ahead at what the future may hold for this work.  

The virtual exhibit aims to bring to life the enduring ability of the UN to innovate, adapt and evolve while staying true to the core principles and values of the Charter and the laws and standards forged by its membership over the last three quarters of a century. In that time, the UN has become ever more inclusive and representative, always striving to reflect the full diversity of our world, as evident through the Organization’s work in decolonization, which gave a seat at the table to previously disenfranchised parts of the world; progress in the women, peace and security, which aims to ensure that women have their rightful place in making and building peace; youth, peace and security; and efforts to engage civil society and marginalized groups, including through the use of technology and innovative methods. This is crucially important as inclusion and participation are not only good as a matter of principle, they also make for more effective conflict prevention and resolution.    

Follow here, to explore the exhibit: workofpeace.org