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23rd Meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism

25 Nov 2010 - 13:22

On 25 November 2010, the twenty third meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM), chaired by the United Nations, was held in Gali.

The meeting continued the discussion on the circumstances of disappearance of Mr Gari Jopua and his subsequent return to his home after one month. The participants also discussed the case of Mr David Sigua who was missing since 2007.  Furthermore, they exchanged views on the general security situation and on cases involving different individuals.

On substantive matters, a useful exchange of information took place with respect to the freedom of movement of local residents, in particular in relation to social activities.

The participants welcomed ideas on how to tackle potential security-related issues on the ground proposed by the Chair of the IPRM and agreed to continue the discussion on confidence building.

Despite divergent views on certain issues on the agenda, which have political connotations, all participants engaged constructively in the discussions.

It was agreed that the next meeting of the IPRM would take place in Gali on 26 January 2011.