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DPPA - Annual Report 2022


Annual Report 2022

Multi-Year Appeal

Annual Report


In 2022, the war in Ukraine, the rollback of gains in Afghanistan, worsening violence in Haiti and continuing conflict in Myanmar, Syria and Somalia, among others, took a staggering toll on hundreds of millions of people. Meanwhile, growing global tensions further strained an already weakened multilateral system.

Unquestionably, DPPA continued to face challenges that at times may seem insurmountable. But even in a global political environment beset by tensions and division, we know that


Global tensions impact our resources too. There was a call for increased investment in prevention, peacemaking, and peacebuilding, even as resources are curtailed globally. Last year, the Department adapted its work to a landscape of economic and financial contraction, prioritizing areas where it could have a tangible impact.


DPPA continued to rely on financing through the Multi-Year Appeal (MYA) and recorded positive results in 2022. Against a volatile funding environment, a record high level of contributions of $36.4 million was received from 31 donors. This is the highest of all MYA contributions in past years and shows a 22 per cent increase compared to 2021.

36.4 million

The MYA also became more agile, allowing us to deploy when and where it was the most needed. The level of earmarking decreased by 17% compared to the previous year, expanding our ability to respond quickly and with flexibility to requests for support. With 60% of its funding unearmarked, DPPA was able to balance demands for crisis response with the need to invest in long-term prevention, peacebuilding and sustaining peace.

The present report shows how effective operational deployments and engagement with the right partners and actors can make a difference, all at relatively low cost. The MYA critically augments DPPA’s capacities. As a funding mechanism, the MYA is exponentially increasing our ability to deliver on our mandate. Its booster effect is simple:


The value dimensions of the MYA are demonstrated in the graph below, highlighting the activities and the capacities funded by the MYA with $1 million.


DPPA continued to lead over 24 field missions around the world. MYA funding provides vital operational support to Special Representatives and Special Envoys.

Our support drawn from the MYA was instrumental to mediation efforts in Yemen leading to a truce in April 2022. While the truce has lapsed, there has not been a major escalation in military conflict. In Sudan, MYA funding allowed DPPA to provide support in critical areas, supporting the ceasefire monitoring mechanism established by the Juba Peace Agreement. And in Colombia, we expanded our support to peace consolidation by verifying two transformational areas of the 2016 Peace and by offering good offices support for resumed talks with the National Liberation Army.

In a world of growing polarization, DPPA maintained its recognized role of mediator, fielding 400 deployments around the world to support mediation, peacemaking and electoral processes. We deployed staff or senior mediators of our Standby Team more than 132 times at short notice to assist peace negotiations. Deployments are made throughout the world.

SBT Support by Region

Americas and the CaribbeanAfricaEuropeMiddle EastAsia and the Pacific54%5%3%5%13%Non-region-specific nature, principally related to capacity-building20%

Focus of Electoral Support in 2022

DPPA always looks at electoral assistance with a prevention lens. We provided electoral support to around 50 Member States last year.

AfricaAsia-PacificLatin Americaand the CaribbeanEastern Europe47%16%4%33%

We were innovative in the search for lasting solutions to peace and security threats and drastically increased the development of initiatives using new technologies, investing 7% of our MYA resources into new ideas and approaches.

Investments under our women, peace and security window reached new heights, with close to 20% of the MYA portfolio dedicated to activities in pursuit of the agenda. Investment in the Local Peace Initiatives window grew steadily as we continued to channel resources to grassroots peace initiatives to complement broader national processes. Inclusion, particularly of civil society, women’s and youth groups, remained a key focus of investment under this window.

When we and our partners speak with one voice, we are better able to encourage conflict parties to pursue a negotiated solution. Partnerships with Member States, regional and subregional organizations, and civil society are all supported by voluntary contributions. In 2022, DPPA worked with regional and sub-subregional organizations in more than 55 of its mediation engagements, to address pressing challenges.

The nine liaison offices, all funded by the MYA, are essential in our preventive and peacemaking work. For example, our liaison office in Ukraine, provided real-time monitoring and analytical support to DPPA.

Call for support for additional support in 2023

DPPA recently issued its Strategic Plan, accompanied by a new Multi-Year
Appeal, calling for a total of $170 million for 2023-2026.

Voluntary funding is more important than ever. It continues to demonstrate its relevance, augmenting DPPA’s capacities to be more operational and funding all our work in thematic areas at the heart of Our Common Agenda and the New Agenda for Peace, such as climate security, women and youth and peace and security, and new technologies and innovation.

As of today, $7 million has been received for 2022, out of the $41 million called for. With a funding gap of 83%, the MYA urgently needs your support this year.

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