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DPPA launches Annual Report 2019

13 Apr 2020 - 10:44

DPPA is pleased to present its Annual Report under the Multi-Year Appeal (MYA), showcasing how voluntary contributions made a difference in 2019, allowing us to be more operational and seize opportunities to prevent violence and defuse tensions in mission and non-mission settings such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea-Bougainville, Sudan, Ukraine, and Yemen.

Thanks to the confidence donors placed in us, and for the fourth consecutive year, the MYA surpassed its resource mobilization target. Against $30 million requested in 2019 to cover its six priority areas, DPPA successfully mobilized $35.3 million in contributions from 30 donors (Appeal 118 per cent funded).

We hope that this support will continue to enable us to respond to the challenges to peace and security that the current COVID-19 pandemic is posing. DPPA and the rest of the UN system are looking closely at the implications of the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, including where our Special Political Missions are deployed and active. The Department has been quick to expand its analytical lens to include COVID-19 along other “stressors” that can trigger conflict or violence. Our political analysis is widely shared and contributes to shaping UN responses.

MYA funding helps us support initiatives by SRSGs and Special Envoys in promoting and following up on the Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire. The MYA, with its Rapid Response window, is designed to support new opportunities and crisis-related needs at short notice. DPPA continues to deploy its tools - mediation, electoral assistance, inclusive political analysis -to provide political, technical and operational support to its partners. Demand for our services might take a different form this year but is likely to remain high.

We have witnessed the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on women and girls, particularly those living in fragile and conflict-affected countries. Together with the wider UN system and its partners, DPPA continues to support women’s participation in politics and all matters of peace and security.

DPPA is currently undertaking an assessment of its MYA projects to re-prioritize and re-purpose unspent programme funds in consultation with Headquarters and the field. We will communicate our new funding target once we have greater clarity on how operations can be conducted in the field. We will strive to keep our partners regularly informed through the Donor Group and other forums.

With competition for resources intensifying, the MYA is more important than ever for our work. We hope to be able to count on support from our donors this year to continue delivering on our mandate as fully and effectively as possible. For any information on the MYA, please contact: dppa-donorrelations@un.org