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Policy and Guidance


  • 20 Jun 2023

    The MYA is a pooled funding mechanism and DPPA’s main fundraising tool to support the Department’s efforts in preventing and resolving conflict worldwide. This guidance provides information on the MYA, its governance structure, funding windows and process for accessing funding through the submission of MYA projects.

  • 10 Jan 2023

    DPPA's new Strategic Plan sets out a vision and priorities until 2026. It looks at how the Department will contribute to lessening tensions and changing the trajectory of conflicts over the coming three years.


  • 31 Mar 2018

    DPA’s mission is to help prevent and reduce violent conflicts and sustain peace through inclusive political solutions. The Department’s Theory of Change recognizes that a multitude of actors and variables affect achievement of the Department’s mandate. Therefore, deep and effective partnerships, within the United Nations system and outside it, are required to address root or immediate causes that lead to violent conflict. As conflict is complex and its dynamics are embedded in societal, economic, legal and political systems, conflict prevention and management require a non-linear and cyclical approach.