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Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo's remarks at the opening of the "Diplomacy for Peace" exhibit

Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo's remarks

at the opening of the “Diplomacy for Peace” exhibit

31 January 2023, New York


Thank you, friends and colleagues, all for coming today for the opening of our exhibit – Diplomacy for Peace: 75 Years of United Nations Special Political Missions”. Today’s event kicks off a year of commemoration of this special anniversary, which we share with peacekeeping and other important aspects of the UN’s work. I now have the pleasure to give the floor to the Chef de Cabinet, Courtenay Rattray, for opening remarks.


Thank you, Courtenay for your remarks. You’ve all heard succinctly and incisively highlighted the enduring importance of our special political missions.

The work of communication and education about a very complex part of our work is essential. As Courtenay pointed out, the SPMs come in all shapes and sizes. But they share one objective: to help prevent and resolve conflict and build sustainable peace. Some of them regularly make the headlines brokering truces or political transitions. Others toil quietly defusing tensions and discreetly bringing people together to make peace. And they are all looking at how different existing and potential phenomena will shape the global peace and security environment.

We ask a lot of what are, essentially, relatively modest presences. We want to show what they have achieved and how much more they can do. This requires continued support – political as well as financial - from member states. With that support, I am certain that SPMs will continue to be at the forefront of diplomacy for peace.

Thank you again for you presence. I invite you view the exhibit and I hope you enjoy it.